Station Playlist (Automation) Edit

  1. Prepare the content of your show (plug in your music or get ready to talk).
  2. Click the "Automate" button located at top of Station Playlist screen to turn off automation.
  3. When you finish your show, TURN ON AUTOMATION.  If you don't remember to turn it on we will have dead air and risk a hefty fine from the FCC.

    Automation button


WXVU's hot clock

Hot Clock Times Edit

  1. Read white cards live on the :15 and :45 with a station ID.
  2. Play a prerecorded PSA on the :30 and :00 with a station ID.

Playing IDs and PSAs Edit

  1. Open Track Tool located on the desktop and taskbar (icon is a blurry clock).
  2. Open the "IDS AND PSAS" folder also located on the desktop.

    Track Tool icon

  3. Drag the appropriate audio file into Track Tool.
  4. When ready, bring up the automation slider.  Make sure nothing is playing from Station Playlist (typically shown on the right monitor/display) and that the automation channel is on.
  5. Click play.

    Drag and drop ID/PSA into Track Tool

Reading White Cards Edit

  1. Open the "WHITE CARDS..." file on desktop.
  2. Turn up appropriate mics and read card on air.​

With this configuration, caller will be on air.

Using the Phone Edit

  1. Listeners can call in to the main control room phone at (610) 519-7201
  2. Pick up phone and screen caller (watch profanity and lewd vocabulary). 
  3. Turn music down.
  4. Turn on caller channel (channel with blue slider). 
  5. Press the button ("7201") as depicted in the picture here.​
  6. Press "Hold" button on top row.
  7. Press the "7201" button again (same button you pressed in step 5).
  8. Turn up blue slider on caller channel to air caller.
  9. To hang up press "Drop" on the black box on top row.  Hang up phone.